The significance of word count

This advice strikes a chord for anyone thinking about writing a book. It definitely does so with me.

Ed A. Murray

Is it too long? Too short? Just right? Who’s to say?

Maybe it’s the analytical side of me that takes over when the creative side has had its run of the place for a while. Eventually, while I am writing, I begin to worry about that little thing that’s surely crossed all writers’ minds at one point or another: word count.

Sometimes it can feel like a needless worry, but then you hear horror stories about publishers and editors degrading a piece because of its word count. Is there a sweet spot? What if my work is deemed too short? What if it’s too long? My answer to those questions, and I find this a very practical answer, is not to worry.

Sure, editors have the final say. If they have reservations about word count then your work is scrapped. But in my experience, the importance of the writing should…

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