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Book Three News!

This is a very fun time for me right now.  I’m what I would estimate to be a quarter of the way through on the first draft for Commune: Book Three; at about 50K words.  For the reference of those keeping score, Book One came in at 95.5K and Book Two was complete at 150K words.

I’m guessing that Book Three will wrap at around 200K or greater but it’s still early enough in the story right now that it’s hard to be accurate.  It would make sense, though.  The first book was a pretty simple affair.  There were only three main characters with a couple of side characters thrown in along the way, so it makes sense that the story was fairly short.

In the second book, I found myself juggling no less than nineteen personalities.  That kind of diversity takes a bit more space to explore, so yeah, another 60K words on top of the original is probably in order.

In book three, the scope is expanding yet again.  Our characters have been living in this world for a while, now.  There has been time to organize, time for folks to congeal together like little blood clots.  We’re dealing with factions spread out over the different points of the compass.  There are, of course, our band of heroes up in Wyoming but we also have the last known remnant of the United States Military to think about in the wastelands of Arizona, as well.  Additionally, something ugly (potentially very ugly) looms out in the quiet state of Nevada…

This is the third and final book that I intend to write in this series, for the time being at least.  I can offer that I see possibilities for more stories down the line but there are also some other ideas (other worlds) that I’d like to explore, and so I think I’ll take a bit of a break from the apocalypse after this one’s done…for a little while.  I can tell you that this book, big #3, is the story that I originally set out to tell when I started writing these back in January of 2017, just before I realized I had a lot of world building to get out of the way.  I’m glad I took this idea and broke it into three books.  I feel like we both (me, the writer and you, the reader) had an opportunity to spread out in this story for a good while and really enjoy it.

Audio Book News

R. C. Bray is starting to pick up a lot of steam on production for BK#1 and I have to say, he’s knocking this sumbitch out of the park, as I knew he would.  He’s delivered enough work for proofing now that I’ve had a chance to hear the three major characters that I created (Jake, Amanda, and Billy) out loud for the first time in my life.  The experience is not only surreal – it is intensely rewarding to me as a writer.  He’s bringing nuance to their delivery that I hadn’t even considered when I wrote them; providing a deeper, richer dimension just through his performance and how he’s interpreting what I’ve done.

The experience for me has been of such impact that I’m beginning to regard the simple text of these stories as pretty damned good (to toot my own horn) while the audio format is (at least by me) considered the ultimate expression of the material.

Bob, if you’re reading this: Nice work, dude.



I’ll be appearing for an interview on 8/25-http://tobtr.com/10207903 #interview #books

Commune - Audio CoverJoin me and Audie Award winning Narrator R. C. Bray as we discuss books, writing in general, the fine art of narration, and any other random thing with host and author S. Evan Townsend! R. C. Bray will also perform a live reading from my novel, Commune Book One.

Bring some popcorn!

Radio Interview 8/25 @SEvanTownsend @audbks #book #interview

Speculative Fiction CantinaJust a quick reminder that famed audio book narrator R. C. Bray and yours truly will be appearing on the Speculative Fiction Cantina podcast on August 25th at 3 PM, West Coast time, with author and host S. Evan Townsend to discuss my novel Commune Book One.  Bray will also perform a live reading from the novel.

You can view the full event details over at the Facebook page, here!

Learn more about the Speculative Fiction Cantina at this link!

Get a copy of the book here!

R. C. Bray @audbks will join me for radio interview with host and author @SEvanTownsend #books #author #interview #audiobooks

Speculative Fiction CantinaI just got word this morning that Audie Award winning narrator R. C. Bray will be joining me for my interview with Mr. Townsend at the Speculative Fiction Cantina on August 25th, 6 pm PST.  Bray will be saving my sorry ass by performing the live reading of my novel Commune Book One.  This is profoundly good news as far as I’m concerned.  You know how they have the expression, “He has a face made for radio”?  Well, I have a voice made for writing…

I will be doing a radio interview with host and author @SEvanTownsend #books #author #interview

Speculative Fiction CantinaThe good people at The Speculative Fiction Cantina have booked me for an hour long interview on August 25th, 6 PM Eastern Time (3 PM Pacific).  We’ll be discussing my book(s), writing in general, and any other thing that happens to come up.

The show is hosted by S. Evan Townsend, a gifted and well regarded author in the sci-fi/fiction arena.

Mark your calendars, my friends 🙂