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Book Three News!

This is a very fun time for me right now.  I’m what I would estimate to be a quarter of the way through on the first draft for Commune: Book Three; at about 50K words.  For the reference of those keeping score, Book One came in at 95.5K and Book Two was complete at 150K words.

I’m guessing that Book Three will wrap at around 200K or greater but it’s still early enough in the story right now that it’s hard to be accurate.  It would make sense, though.  The first book was a pretty simple affair.  There were only three main characters with a couple of side characters thrown in along the way, so it makes sense that the story was fairly short.

In the second book, I found myself juggling no less than nineteen personalities.  That kind of diversity takes a bit more space to explore, so yeah, another 60K words on top of the original is probably in order.

In book three, the scope is expanding yet again.  Our characters have been living in this world for a while, now.  There has been time to organize, time for folks to congeal together like little blood clots.  We’re dealing with factions spread out over the different points of the compass.  There are, of course, our band of heroes up in Wyoming but we also have the last known remnant of the United States Military to think about in the wastelands of Arizona, as well.  Additionally, something ugly (potentially very ugly) looms out in the quiet state of Nevada…

This is the third and final book that I intend to write in this series, for the time being at least.  I can offer that I see possibilities for more stories down the line but there are also some other ideas (other worlds) that I’d like to explore, and so I think I’ll take a bit of a break from the apocalypse after this one’s done…for a little while.  I can tell you that this book, big #3, is the story that I originally set out to tell when I started writing these back in January of 2017, just before I realized I had a lot of world building to get out of the way.  I’m glad I took this idea and broke it into three books.  I feel like we both (me, the writer and you, the reader) had an opportunity to spread out in this story for a good while and really enjoy it.

Audio Book News

R. C. Bray is starting to pick up a lot of steam on production for BK#1 and I have to say, he’s knocking this sumbitch out of the park, as I knew he would.  He’s delivered enough work for proofing now that I’ve had a chance to hear the three major characters that I created (Jake, Amanda, and Billy) out loud for the first time in my life.  The experience is not only surreal – it is intensely rewarding to me as a writer.  He’s bringing nuance to their delivery that I hadn’t even considered when I wrote them; providing a deeper, richer dimension just through his performance and how he’s interpreting what I’ve done.

The experience for me has been of such impact that I’m beginning to regard the simple text of these stories as pretty damned good (to toot my own horn) while the audio format is (at least by me) considered the ultimate expression of the material.

Bob, if you’re reading this: Nice work, dude.



Commune Book One 5-star review #communeseries #postapocalypse #bookreview

What a lovely, lovely way to start the morning.  It makes me ridiculously happy to know that there are people out there connecting with the characters in these stories.

I am and have always been a huge fan of post-apocalyptic dystopian fiction. I love the different ways in which writers can dispense mass destruction and then take you on a journey of how they imagine rebuilding. I love getting into their heads and discovering how they see the world and the human condition. So I tucked into this book, eager to lose myself in yet another disaster and see what came next.

To sum up the complicated beginning, picture the solar storm of 1859 meets present day infrastructure. This is the Flare. Shock and awe precede inevitable chaos and anarchy, but enough order remains to get a handle on the riots and get a good start on getting the world back on the grid. But then comes the Plague; a disease with communicability AND mortality rates of nearly 100% that wipes out life and hope on a global scale. Those that don’t die only live to endure a different kind of hell. Because all that remains is a desolate shadow of what was once the world as we know it. And to make it in this new world, one must have exactly the right amount of luck, skill, determination, and humanity. Commune Book One begins the story of a few such people and how they found one another.

So, what do you do as a reader? You prepare yourself for a tale in which almost nothing and no one are what they seem. You try to avoid becoming too attached to any of the characters, but you bond to some of them anyway and you hope that they don’t ultimately betray you. You know that not every character you grow to care about is going to make it, and you hope that they don’t suffer too greatly. You know that several characters will turn out to be vile, deplorable psychopaths, and you hope that they will get some level of a comeuppance. All you can do is go along for the ride, never knowing when and where the next “Oh sh!t” moment will jump out at you, and continuing to hope against hope. Because this story delivers the bottom line right up front: no deux ex machina is coming. At all. These characters are not going over, under, or around, they are going straight through and fairness no longer exists.

The largest part of my enjoyment of any fiction is the character development. This probably explains why I enjoy dystopian stories so much. No matter what kind of cataclysm has struck, the real story lies in the characters, what they do to survive, and who they become as a result. To that end, I particularly admire Mr. Gayou’s integrity in creating his characters. Each has their own individual identity and unique voice, but despite his obvious investment in these characters, Mr. Gayou throws no bones. As the story unfolds, no one is spared hunger, violence, or terror. No one gets a free ride. Yet it is this authenticity that will likely make this story a difficult read for some. The reader gets no sense of safety, just a moment here and there to catch your breath (and maybe have a laugh) before the next shoe drops. While I read, I bounced from feeling thirsty, anxious, incensed, tired, sorrowful, and back again. But I also felt invigorated and keen to know what was going to happen, even if I wasn’t going to be happy about it. If you can handle all of that, you will enjoy this book as I did.

Now on to Book Two!”

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Commune Book One Audio Book Release @audbks @audible_com #audiobooks #listeninggoals

Commune One Audio BookSome of you may have seen this previously but I thought I’d put up another update on the audio release of Commune Book One.  Due to R. C. Bray’s crazy production schedule, the release of my book as been moved back a little to the September/October time frame, which is totally cool with me.  I’m ridiculously lucky just to have signed Bray; I’m not going to quibble over a month.

Either way, it sounds like we could be seeing book one available on Audible around October.  I planning on having book two ready to go right around this time, so hey, maybe the audio on two is ready to drop early next year?  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can grab the print or ebook version (as well as preview the story) here.

Commune Book One Now Available at Barnes and Noble #postapocalypse #ebook #adventure #fiction

Commune Book One Preview

Click to purchase at Barnes and Noble!

For all of you lovelies out there who don’t dig on Amazon or Kobo but partake of the B&N Nook…ocity?  Nookitude?  Nookchuckus?

I don’t know where I just went, there.  Anyway, if you have a Nook, you too can come escape into my little slice of unheaven.  Enjoy and thank you all.


Commune Book One: A Thinking Reader’s Post Apocalypse #books #reading #postapocalypse

Progress on Commune Book Two is banging along at a fantastic pace!  I’m already one third of the way finished (or maybe a little less depending on what the total length ends up being; it feels like it may be a bit longer than the first book right now).  It would be really friggin’ cool if I had it ready to publish around the time the production of Book One’s audio book is finished.

Commune Book One Preview

Click the Book for a Free Preview!

In the meantime, the first book calls out to all you fans of the post apocalypse genre.  For any who enjoy dreaming about how you would fair in a total societal breakdown or who wonder about your chances of surviving a world suddenly made lawless and hostile; for any preppers who fancy themselves ready for the day the lights go out; for any military (either active service or veterans) who would view the situation as just another day at the office: this series of books is my little love letter to all of you (kiss!).  Click the image of the book cover for a free preview!  You can grab a copy in both ebook and paperback formats.

See what other readers are saying about Commune Book One!

Five Star Review for Commune Book One!

Someone left me a lovely little review on Amazon today 🙂

“This was a quick read, I did it in about a day. I could not put the book down I wanted to know what was going to happen next. This is not my normal type of book to read. I am usually a strictly YA/ Paranormal/ or romance okay basically I will read anything as long as there is a possibility of romance in the horizon. Well, this book did not have that really. Now, I am still holding out hope for Jake and Amanda. Enough of that though.

This book has you focused on three characters Jake, Amanda, and Billy during basically what I would call an early stage of a Mad Max apocalypse world. So a solar flair basically takes out the worlds computers/machines, and people have been reduced to learning how to live without, FB, ATM, Netflicks, Lights, running water. So Jake, Billy, Amanda and her Daughter Lizzy are learning how to scavenge for supplies and survive after the plague takes out the majority of the population. Now, this was not a zombie book which I liked.

I really liked Billy I could see a little bit of that crazy uncle we all have, that tells us stories that will have an impact on us but then later add a joke. Jake is a bit interesting. What I really liked was the whole addressing the BIG PINK ELEPHANT and yes I mean PINK. In every book or TV/movie they hardly ever mention feminine products. Thank you to the author for paying attention to the fact a woman in a post civilization may want her tampax. This was not my normal book but I am glad I read it.”

Well, thank you so much for taking the time to tell me what you thought, dear reader.  I’m glad to have touched on some subjects that you found lacking in other stories within this genre.  Hope to see you back for Book Two!

Commune Book One is available on Amazon and Kobo in ebook and print form.  It will be available as an audio book later this year on audible.com.

Commune Book One Travel Map #bookplanning #postapocalypse

Commune Book One is available on Amazon and Kobo in both ebook and paperback formats.

You can view an interactive map showing the position of all the major events of Commune Book One by clicking the below image.  This map was one of the major planning tools that I used when writing this novel.

Commune Book One Free Sample Inside (Hit Share)!

The following is an excerpt from “Commune Book One”, the first in a series of three books dealing with the struggles of a small group of people trying to survive the apocalypse.  If you enjoy reading this and want to know what happens next, please consider heading over to the Amazon or Kobo page to get yourself a copy.  The ebook is available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers for free.

And I want to know your thoughts, guys.  Be sure to like and comment below.  If you like what you see here, why not hit that follow button, share this, and tell your friends?

– Josh

The morning found me well quit of Primm and headed North again up the I-15.  I wasn’t having any luck finding another ride despite my best efforts (well, in this case “best effort” means I was checking anything in my immediate path) so it looked like another full day of walking, which it very much turned out to be.

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Commune Book One Audio Book to be Performed by R. C. Bray

I have just signed a deal to have my novel produced as an audio book.

It’s going to be performed by, and I shit you NOT: R.C. Bray. For those of you unfamiliar with the world of audio books, Bray is basically Robert Deniro, Marlon Brando, and Robin Williams all in one. His narration of Andy Weir’s The Martian is what helped to sky rocket the book to such a level of success that it was made into a major Hollywood film (that and Weir’s amazing talents as a story teller, anyway).

Let me tell you something: it takes an awful god damned lot to humble me but I’m absolutely humbled right now by Bob’s enthusiasm and belief in my work. If you had told me at any point that one of the industry’s most talented, respected, and beloved narrators wanted to perform my very first novel only a friggin’ week after it was published, I would have told you to grow the hell up. This is the kind of thing you dream about after slogging through years of obscurity.

I have no words for this.

Commune Book One is currently available in ebook and paperback on Amazon and Kobo.  I’ll provide further details on the audio book production as I get them.