“Commune: Book 2, ultimately becomes more than just a post-apocalyptic narrative. It studies themes that break the norms of the genre, and therefore would be a satisfying read for even those who don’t usually read such books. We see deep character studies, watch them grow and develop, some for the good and some not so. Gayou stress-tests them in a wide variety of situations to see what they do. And its fun to watch.” on Commune Book Two

“Most other books, movies and TV shows in the genre tend to break down into simple good vs. evil melodrama, with survivors aggregating into one of those two camps and battling it out, with a heavy focus on the violence. Commune has some of those themes, of course, but the book takes a more cerebral approach to exploring the reality of what would actually happen.”

“I found myself tearing through the story faster than I usually do with some of my favorite big-name authors. This is presented as book one in a series, and I find myself looking forward to the continuation of the story. Well done, Mr. Gayou.” on Commune Book One

“This was a quick read, I did it in about a day. I could not put the book down I wanted to know what was going to happen next. This is not my normal type of book to read. I am usually a strictly YA/ Paranormal/ or romance okay basically I will read anything as long as there is a possibility of romance in the horizon. Well, this book did not have that really. Now, I am still holding out hope for Jake and Amanda. Enough of that though.”

“I really liked Billy I could see a little bit of that crazy uncle we all have, that tells us stories that will have an impact on us but then later add a joke. Jake is a bit interesting. What I really liked was the whole addressing the BIG PINK ELEPHANT and yes I mean PINK. In every book or TV/movie they hardly ever mention feminine products. Thank you to the author for paying attention to the fact a woman in a post civilization may want her tampax. This was not my normal book but I am glad I read it.”

Amazon Reader 5-star Review: Commune Book One

I thought it was pretty good. It was more realistic than most post-apocalyptic fiction. There are no zombies, aliens, or vampires waiting to fall in love with you. Is a Coronal Mass Ejection probable? Maybe not, but if modern society ever does implode, it’ll be from something we weren’t expecting. If you want a gritty fiction novel about how difficult life would be without all the conveniences and necessities we are used to getting in a functioning society, this is the book for you. It has a good storyline and relatable characters. Also makes a great gift for the spouse who’s not sure if you really need all those… solar panels.”

Amazon Reader 4-star Review: Commune Book One

“Love Joshua Gayou’s style. Clear, concise, believeable and sets the hook from the beginning. Love Billy and Jakes relationship and cant wait to see how Amanda’s path crosses theirs. Sure hope Mr Gayou has sequel ready for publishing. Really looking forward to the whole series.”

Amazon Reader 5-star Review: Commune Book One

“I was also thrilled at the relationship dynamic between Amanda and Jake. Their narratives begin at different places in the novel, and have separate paths until eventually uniting. It was hard to follow the (sometimes length) chapters that followed their individual stories, but once they joined forces, I loved their pairing together. It was refreshing to have a stronger female character who builds up a close relationship to a male without it being reduced to a love story.” 4-Star Review: Commune Book One

“I don’t usually read this genre of books, but find myself looking forward to his next book in the series.”

Amazon Reader 5-Star Review: Commune Book One

So, what do you do as a reader? You prepare yourself for a tale in which almost nothing and no one are what they seem. You try to avoid becoming too attached to any of the characters, but you bond to some of them anyway and you hope that they don’t ultimately betray you. You know that not every character you grow to care about is going to make it, and you hope that they don’t suffer too greatly. You know that several characters will turn out to be vile, deplorable psychopaths, and you hope that they will get some level of a comeuppance. All you can do is go along for the ride, never knowing when and where the next “Oh sh!t” moment will jump out at you, and continuing to hope against hope. Because this story delivers the bottom line right up front: no deux ex machina is coming. At all. These characters are not going over, under, or around, they are going straight through and fairness no longer exists.

Amazon Reader 5-Star Review: Commune Book One


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